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Selected Publications


Rebecca Pollard, Helen Fisher, Paul Fearon, Kevin Morgan et al (2023) ‘Parental bonding style and illness severity in a longitudinal study of individuals with first episode psychosis’, Archive of Womens Mental Health, 26(5):707-711. 


Javier-David Lopez-Morinigo, Marta Di Forti, Olesja Ajnakina, Ben Wiffen, Kevin Morgan et al (2019) ‘Insight and risk of suicidal behaviour in two first-episode psychosis cohorts: Effects of previous suicide attempts and depression’, Schizophrenia Research, 204, 80–89. 


David Barron, Adrian Furnham,  Laura Weis, Kevin Morgan et al  (2018) ‘The relationship between schizotypal facets and conspiracist beliefs via cognitive processes’, Psychiatry Research, 259: 15-20. 


Kevin Morgan (2017) 'How hard is it to recognise that you are experiencing a delusion?, The Conversation [online article] Available at:

(published 6 June 2017, over 95,000 reads).


Simone Ciufolini, Craig Morgan, Kevin Morgan et al (2015)  ‘Self esteem and self agency in first episode psychosis: Ethnic variation and relationship with clinical presentation’, Psychiatry Research, 227(2-3):213-8. 


David Barron, Kevin Morgan et al (2014) ‘Associations between schizotypy and belief in conspiracist ideation’, Personality and Individual Differences, 70: 156-159.


Kevin Morgan and David Williams (compiled by) (2011) ‘Psychobiology & Clinical Neuroscience’, London, Cengage.


Kevin Morgan, Paola Dazzan Craig Morgan et al, (2010) ‘Insight, grey matter and cognitive function in first-onset psychosis’, British Journal of Psychiatry, 197: 141-148.


Kevin Morgan, Paola Dazzan, Craig Morgan et al (2010) ‘Differing patterns of brain structural abnormalities between black and white patients with their first episode of psychosis’, Psychological Medicine, 40(7): 1137-1148.


Kevin Morgan and Anthony David (2010) ‘Awareness is not the same as acceptance: Exploring the thinking behind insight & compliance’ in Metacogntion and Severe Mental Illness (Eds Lysaker P and Dimaggio G), Routledge, New York.


Arsime Demjaha, Kevin Morgan, Craig Morgan et al (2009) ‘Combining dimensional and categorical representation of psychosis: the way forward for DSM-V and ICD-11?’, Psychological Medicine, 39(12): 1943-1955.   


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Kevin Morgan (2006) ‘Insight and cognition’ in Morgan K, David A, Murray R, Eberhard J (Eds) (2006) ‘Cognition and schizophrenia: improving real life function’, Cambridge Medical Communications, Cambridge. 


Julia Lappin, Kevin Morgan, Craig Morgan et al (2006) ‘Gray matter abnormalities associated with duration of untreated psychosis,’  Schizophrenia Research, 83 (2-3): 145-153.


Paola Dazzan, Kevin Morgan, Kenneth Orr et al  (2005) ‘Different effects of typical and atypical antipsychotics on grey matter in first episode psychosis: the ÆSOP study’,  Neuropsychopharmacology, 30 (4), 765-774.


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Paola Dazzan, Kevin Morgan, Kenneth Orr et al (2003) ‘The structural brain correlates of neurological soft signs in first episode psychoses,’ Brain, 127: 143-153 Part 1.


Cynthia Fu, Kevin Morgan et al (2002) ‘A functional magnetic resonance imaging study of overt letter verbal fluency using a clustered acquisition sequence: Greater anterior cingulate activation with increased task demand’, Neuroimage 17(2):871-9.


Charlotte Burck, Stephen Frosh, Lisa Strickland-Clark, Kevin Morgan (1998) ‘The process of enabling change: a study of therapist interventions in family therapy’, Journal of Family Therapy, 20 (3): 253-267. 

Stephen Frosh, Charlotte Burck, Lisa Strickland-Clark, Kevin Morgan (1996) ‘Engaging with change: A process study of family therapy’,  Journal Of Family Therapy, 18 (2): 141-161. 

Published Book Reviews


Kevin Morgan (2007) ‘ Insight in psychiatry’,  (by Ivana S Markova) (2005) International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 53: 287


Kevin Morgan (2001) ‘The anatomy of motive’, (by Douglas J, Olshaker M) (2001) Journal Of Forensic Psychiatry,   12 (1): 211-215



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